Government of Maharashtra's
Ismail Yusuf College

Welcome To Ismail Yusuf College

The campus enjoys the beautiful nature with innumerable banyan and palm trees. Rippling brooks and glittering ponds add the beauty in the rainy season. The nature and the environment reminds us of a typical ‘Gurukul Environment’. The campus relieves the tired mind from polluted and crowed city life. There is an oval shaped garden in front of the main building with a fountain in it and countless trees with platforms rounded them. A number of building projects are in the pipeline. On the Jogeshwari Hill uninterrupted academic and non-academic activities are going on for our students every year. The College offers instruction in Arts, Science and Commerce from XI standard to graduation. It has the facility for M.Sc. in Chemistry, Physics. The well equipped laboratories are housed in two separate buildings. The college has two air-conditioned, well equipped computer laboratories to keep pace with the changing times. At present nearly 4000 students have been pursuing their studies in the three faculties. The college offers a number of prizes and scholarships for the meritorious students for their outstanding performance.